Intuitive accounting software

With Billy you get the complete accounting software with all the necessary features to manage your finances. Billy is compatible with different languages and currencies. The features include:

  • checkmarkSend invoices quickly and easily
  • checkmarkSimple and fast bookkeeping
  • checkmarkMatch and reconcile bank transactions automatically
  • checkmarkAnalysis and reports of your finances

Try all the features for free with no credit card required. 

Accounting software that complies with the new accounting law

If you use Billy accounting software you will automatically live up to the new accounting law that became effective on July 1st, 2022. The new accounting law requires businesses to digitalize significant accounting processes, and employ a registered digital accounting software. 

Accounting in Billy complies with all legal requirements, and you will be prepared for the long-term requirement for the use of digital accounting systems that will be implemented over the following years. 

Carolina VallejoJeweler at Aurum Cph
“Best accounting software I've ever had. Incredible service and support from kind and helpful employees..."Trustpilot review
Mads VeibyFounder of M1
"I can highly recommend Billy, as they have the user in mind (Apple mindset) over other accounting programs where technology is at the center (Microsoft mindset)."Trustpilot review
Jonas BengtsenFreelancer
"I chose Billy bookkeeping software since as a freelancer I only need to send an invoice once in a while. Billy is really intuitive and easy to use."Trustpilot review
Get Billy for free

Accounting on the go

With Billy’s mobile app you are able to manage your finances anywhere, anytime. You can quickly and easily create and send invoices on to go, upload your expenses and keep track of unpaid bills.

If you are on-site with a customer you can make a sales quote and convert it to an invoice. This allows you can provide better service to customers and partners and use your time on the most essential part of your business.

Easy collaboration with your accountant

Billy accounting software allows you to collaborate with your accountant and let them handle your finances. You can also find your new Billy-certified accountant or get a non-binding offer from our partner Ageras. You decide whether you want the accountant to manage all the bookkeeping or only the year-end annual accounts. 

Manage contacts in Billy accounting software

Import your contacts and get a full overview of your customers and partners in Billy. You can create invoices, sales quotes, and bills directly from your contacts' profiles, and save a lot of time on manual work. Use the free accounting software as your address book so you always have the contact information of your customers and partners at hand.

Security and back-up is our priority

At Billy we prioritize keeping your information safe and secure. We use SSL security just like your banking solution, which means that all communication between you and Billy is encrypted. Billy automatically backs up your data in multiple copies, and you can also get a local backup on your computer if desired or needed. 

More than just an accounting software

Billy Accounting Software gives you a full financial overview of your business with the all-in-on financial toolkit. Try all the features for free and see how they ease your daily operations.

  • checkmarkProfessional invoicing
  • checkmarkSimple tax management 
  • checkmarkBank reconciliation
  • checkmarkMake offers and subscriptions for customers
  • checkmark80+ integrations